I N S T A L L A T I O N   &   P E R F O R M A N C E

B O D I E S   O F   W O R K

2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 7

P O S T   S H I F T   S E S S I O N S

2 0 1 6

I N   B E D   W I T H   A R T I S T S   R E S I D E N C Y

2 0 1 7

E A T   C A K E

2 0 1 9

L A   T O I L E T T E

2 0 1 9


T O G E T H E R   A P A R T

Together Apart


Film 41min

Nico is locked down with a group of artists isolating

together at an artist residency. Unable to perform

her original project as no one is allowed on or off the

premises, she has to come up with another in order

to legitimise her presence at the residency and her

sex work practice as ‘art’. The liminal conditions of a

Level Five lockdown seem to create a place beyond

time, bringing new opportunities and problematics to

to the performance of intimacy, which further blur the

uneasy boundaries between fact and fiction…

The work features the talents of a largely queer

collective with backgrounds in film, theatre, fine art,

performance, activism and documentary. Produced

and written by Nico Athene and Francis Chouler.

Directed by Nico Athene and Francis Chouler in

collaboration with Loren Loubser, Kiroshan Naidoo,

Gabe Gabriel, and Kathleen Stephens. Additional

performances by Buhle Ngama, Amy Wilson, and Sihle

Shona. Additional camera by Francois Knoetze. Based

on the original works in ‘relational aesthetics’ by Nico

Athene. Produced by the National Arts Fesitval

South Africa

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M O N E Y   M A K E S   M E   C U M

Money Makes Me Cum


Film 10:23min

A spoof pornography. Or maybe just pornography. Or maybe just a

performance by an artist. The muse demanding payment for her

work across the ages. It pulls off the strip club antidote deflected

nightly. The John asks ‘so what really makes you cum’ - always

trying to get behind the performance, to steal labour not charged

for, to find the real but has she ever really existed? ‘Money’ the

inevitable answer that rings in my head, although I might say:

‘being paid for my time so I can relax with you’, or ‘ a threesome

with Britney’ if I’m trying to help a friend score. Or even ‘You baby’

if I can see his pockets are loose and the alcohol is pumping.

She may as well be Manet’s model, though of course he got all

the credit.


Produced and directed by Nico Athene

Performed by: Katja Toenails

Cinematography: Sara de Gouveia

Original music by Phil Kramer.

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S H O W   M E   L O V E

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.55.37 AM.png

Show Me Love


Film 5:53min

Show Me Love is a hort film in the form of a conceptual

trailer for a film-never-made. Initially framed as a call

to arms to explore non-heteronormative narratives of

love and sex on film it follows a group of young adults

in Cape Town as they undergo casting interviews and

discussions on what that would necessarily entail.

What does a non-binary, non-essentialised view on

sex and the body look like? When does it become

real life? As the camera flips between the surrealism

of pornographic film and mundanity of their life the

audience is left wondering whether they are watching

a documentary or the product of their production.

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