F A N T A S Y   F R I D A Y   F E A T U R I N G   R E A L   A R T I S T


A series of performative encounters, installations, and photographs, including an Artist's Residency. These works were made when I was working as a stripper, and very upset and a bit indignant around how socially isolating it was. On hearing you do sex work people tend to either vilify or sexualise you - in some cases no matter how long you've known them prior. At the same time my sister (an artist) held a two-hour 'artist's residency' at McDonalds but denied my participation as a 'non-artist', even though i was engaging the artistry and drag of the high femme position nightly, along with the improvisational hustle of working which was its own kind of drama. I was thinking a lot about the reality vs. fantasy that I was performing, how we perform relationship, and object, and even looking. How they impact our notions/illusions of 'free will' and play into various class assumptions around 'work' and 'gender' and 'legitimate performance'/'legitimate artistry'.

This series was conceptualised as a kind of protest (to my sister, mainly, but also the isolation, and the 'institution', whomever that may be).

The idea was to co-opt artists into the frame with me, to exchange their image (cultural capital) for moments of either intimacy or domesticity (a kind of sex work).  At some point I ran out of artists and became exhausted of the hustle of approaching them individually (not actually being in or from the 'art world') and so co-opted another 'legitimising mechanism' the 'art residency' - hosting one in my bed in 2017 with the support of NPO ALMA MARTA, the In Bed With Artists Residency where artists actually applied to be in these scenarios with me, in a space where they could also engage their own research on the subjects of leisure, domesticity, gender, work, consent, performativity and identity.

 It also saw the beginnings of a photographic practice of co-opting photographers to 'take photos of' me, or make photos with me, as a primary methodology. One that I hopetroubles the expectations of the apparent 'object' position as without agency or sentience. 

U N C E R T A I N   O R I G I N S

U N C E R T A I N   O R I G I N S